Educational project of EVN to bring the girls to the technical activities


“With daughters to work” is an educational program that EVN Macedonia organized in order the employees’ children to get acquainted with the activity of the company and the workplace of their parents. Over 100 employees in the EVN work came with their daughters, who had the opportunity to see how the working day passes for their parents. Engineers, lawyers, economists, managers, electrical fitter and other profiles of its employees, they presented the tasks that they perform to their children.

The first phase of this educational project, being included only females because statistics show that they have less interest in the technical professions. Girls aged between 8 and 18 years, divided into several age groups develop projects, which assured that technicians occupations are not just a privilege of boys. This program provides the youngest participants to learn about the technical sciences and develop interest in them, and the larger more information before deciding where to continue their education.

Vice Chairman of the Board of EVN Macedonia, Mr. Harald Damerer welcomed the participants in the project. D. Damerer said that such events help children better understand the responsible job their parents have, as employed in EVN Makedonija who daily care to supply electricity to 2 million people in the country.

“With daughters to work” project was first created in 1992 New York, USA. The first official celebration of the day was organized in April 1993 and since then 37 million children around the world are participating in this project. Several years later, the project includes the boys, so the celebration of this day becomes an international non-profit program in the US, Canada and Australia.

June 15, 2016