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Skopje hosts the third edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair “Paratissima Skopje”. For those who visited the Fair, they saw something new and unique exactly in the field of art, design, creativity. Paratissima was presented in the “Youth Cultural Center”, which was completely dedicated to this event.

Right at the entrance, the installation “House” was remarkable, worked on for international competition. The upper lobby of “Cinema Frosina” was reserved for the main exhibition and special projects, which the different areas of design and handicraft techniques could be seen.

Those who want jewelry, and unusual, were attracted by several panels filled with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, resin, wood, Mediapan, polymer clay, textiles, filigree. The rest of the YCC was dedicated to the art and installations, also made in different techniques of domestic and foreign authors.

Moreover, within “Paratissima Skopje” prizes for the best performances were also awarded. The winning works include the installation “Templum Aeternum” made by architects Irena Christina and Sekuloska Milojeska and the work “Solar System” by the author Tamara Zabaznoska. This is an acco of architectural art installation that attracted the attention of all visitors to the fair and art in the category of picture-drawing which separated its modernity and authenticity.

Macedonian Chambers of Commerce actively supported the organizers of the Fair and was present at the opening of the same.

June 14, 2016


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