A Campaing “Perfect Woman” from March 1, 2016 in Ramstore Mall


Members of the gentler sex, from March 1, 2016, will have the opportunity to engage in the great campaign of “Ramstore Mall” Perfect woman, which will be active during the entire month of March. In fact, this month the Mall is looking for the perfect and most inspiring woman in your life who will receive a 7-day all inclusive trip for two in Costa Brava, Spain.

“We all have one woman (sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend) – an inspiration. The woman who led us through the life that gave us valuable advice that helped us when it was hardest and who had a sincere smile for all our successes. If you have such a person in your life, you can now publicly thank her and nominate her for a trip to Spain” – say representatives of “Ramstore Mall”.

The nomination will take place in two ways – through the official facebook page of “Ramstore Mall” and through leaflets that will be placed in the mall. The registration will last to 20.3. 2016.

The most inspiring woman will be announced on 26.03.2016, at the great event of which, in addition to awarding the gift – a trip to the Costa Brava, will hold a fashion show where the moddels will be the registered perfect women stylized by Macedonian fashion bloggers.

Within the month of Perfect Woman, at the Mall, on International Women’s Day March 8, there will be a public debate on women’s associations, and the same day for each account over 1000 denars made at any store in “Ramstore Mall” the ladies will receive gifts.

March 2, 2016