Memorandum of Cooperation The Chamber of Mediators has strengthened its cooperation with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors at a press conference within the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC). The Memorandum was signed by the President of the Chamber of Mediators, Mr. Slave Mladenovski and the Director of the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors prof. Dr. Natasha Gaber-Damjanovska within the first Center for Mediation established under the European model in the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

The determinations of the Chamber of Mediators became the content of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors and were jointly translated into specific areas and activities for implementation.

“In the Chamber there is an undivided opinion, to make mediation a procedure, which for the parties to the dispute is the first, only and last resort in reaching a mutual agreement whereby we have successfully completed our work as mediators. Our specific tasks and activities in the forthcoming period are to inform the citizens and institutions about the opportunities and positive features of mediation in order to reduce the litigation and to reduce the level of conflict with peaceful resolution of the dispute. We intend to do this through appropriate training workshops and lectures. In this regard, we are talking about activities in which the participants would be representatives of the justice system, representatives of the business sector, civil society and journalists, “Mladenovski said, adding that the promotion and affirmation of mediation as appropriate, practical and efficient is of crucial importance for mediators. a solution to the dispute that must be in the interest of both parties.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Business Chamber, within the MCC Mediation Center, which officially started on July 17 this year, followed the handover of licensed mediators, President Slave Mladenovski and Dejan Belevski, President of the Chamber’s Supervisory Board. Topic: “Mediation and Business – Quickly Resolve Dispute Need and Purpose”.

The goal is for the business community to become more familiar with the advantages of mediation by which parties resolve their dispute with the help of a third neutral party – the mediator. Mediation is a voluntary, informal, confidential, fast and free procedure. The mediator helps both sides to come to a mutual satisfaction, that is, the final outcome of the mediation is that both parties are the winners. The skill of a mediator is to provide the parties with the mediation procedure with as much useful information as possible. The mediation procedure, according to the law, should not last more than 60 days, but practice shows that the dispute is resolved after only a few meetings.

In the last two years in the country there has been progress in the number of cases resolved through mediation. Mediation can help improve the judiciary’s image of European integration, as it is one of the key elements in the European agendas and “one of the pillars on which further judicial reform at European level rests. The Chamber of Mediators records over two thousand cases for 2017/18 which shows that the efforts of the mediators can produce results.