The largest plant in the Balkans will reap the biggest combine


The Agricultural Combine “Pelagonija” this year invested 1.5 million euros for the purchase of silage combine, modern mower, irrigation system and tractor trailers.

With this, the plant continues the investment trend from previous years, especially since the end of last year, when Macedonia were bought largest JD tractors of 570 hp and 380 hp worth 1.3 million euros equipped with aria management system and satellite imagery driving without a steering wheel.

“With the new equipment, in less time the harvest and transport the product to the warehouse is completed. The weather conditions in agriculture are essential. The weather is changeable and should seize every moment to collect yield promptly when is in full maturity. The silage and weather conditions are an important factor that affects the yield and quality of the harvest. A combine with system movement which allows smooth movement of a combine harvester in terms of increased soil moisture has been provided. This is the third combine row which ZK “Pelagonija” has purchased in the last 3 years”.

The new combine is producing the world’s largest producer of combines, “Krone” from Germany. The last model we have now purchased Pelagonija was presented recently at the fair to be held in Novi Sad, where the owner of the German factory Krone expressed satisfaction that the largest agricultural plant in the Balkans, “Pelagonija” owns the biggest silage harvesters in the region is considered as a confirmation quality.

Growing need for food

In the next 80 years is expected the need for food to be overall amount as has been produced in 2016, Krone said at the meeting with Pandeleski. This is due to the increased birth rate and its population in the world, but also because of the continuing reduction of arable land, which imposes the necessity for more productive machines.

May 26, 2016