Press conference “Accreditation – strengthening the national economy and passport out to foreign markets”


At today’s press conference of Macedonia Chambers of Commerce (MCC) led by Dr. Trpe Ristoski, Director of the Institute for Accreditation of Macedonia (IARM), it was discussed about the importance of accreditation as the formal affirmation of the ability to perform certain activities to Established more competition and the smooth operation of the companies.

Healthy and competitive domestic economy and free movement of goods and services worldwide and national level, support provided through accreditation. With the help of the validity of international agreements on mutual recognition of credentials for the following areas: testing, inspection, certification of products, medical laboratories, which are signed by the Institute for Accreditation of Macedonia realize the smooth operation of the companies in domestic and worldwide.

The Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia is the only national accreditation body recognized by international accreditation organizations and signed the following international agreements:

– EA MLA – Multilateral Agreement on mutual recognition of accreditation of results signed with European cooperation for Accreditation

– ILAK MPA – Multilateral Agreement on mutual recognition of accreditation signed with international (global) organizations Laboratory Accreditation

and IAF MPA – Multilateral Agreement on mutual recognition of accreditation of product certification signed with the International Accreditation Forum.

These agreements are known, particularly within the domestic economy as a passport for visa-free regime in international trade.

Also, by entering into these agreements are based on the principle ,,Once accredited – everywhere recognized” meaning that if domestic goods and services are examined, tested or certified by accredited bodies Macedonian conformity assessment, they the export and marketing of foreign markets accompanied by documents under the sign of accreditation, are exempt from re-examining, testing, certification. These are the main benefits of accreditation for these certificates, domestic companies confirm their qualifications, competence and ability to deliver quality in the process of providing products and services to market. This applies to all industries: construction, food, textile, chemical industry, health, agriculture, mining, working and living environment, technical inspection vehicles, metrology and many other areas.

The IARM so far has issued 189 certificates of accreditation, testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, inspection and certification bodies, and 40 newly-registered bodies are in the process of accreditation.

In addition, each newly awarded accreditation enhance the supply range of accredited services market, making the economy allowing more competition in the domestic and international market, as access and distribution of these markets under the sign of accreditation is reliable, safe and unobstructed.

In order to fully inform companies about the benefits of accreditation, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce in cooperation with the IARM and other stakeholders, conducted a two-year research project on ,,systems for quality management in Macedonia – problems and solutions”. The ultimate goal of the project was to help entrepreneurs in the area of ​​proper implementation of systems of quality management in companies in ISO 9001.

June 15, 2016