MEPSO signed a Contract and became a founding partner in the SEE CAO (Coordinated Auction House South East Europe) – a regional company that organizes auctions for cross-border lease available capacities for transmission of electricity. With the accession of MEPSO SEE CAO, there is a further step forward that will facilitate the cross-border electricity trade at the regional level.

SEE CAO has been designed from one center, on behalf of 8 companies system operators in the region to organize auctions for the lease of facilities that will facilitate regional trade of electricity, and is expected to reduce the costs of participants at regional electricity market.

With the accession of MEPSO to SEE CAO, one of the commitments undertaken with the ratification of the Treaty establishing the European energy community is established.

The Agreement on behalf of MEPSO was concluded Mr. Sinisa Spasov, General Director of MEPSO and Nenad Jovanovski, Vice – CEO of MEPSO which will be a member of the Board of SEE CAO.

By signing the contract, the preparation process begins in which to regulate all legal and technical aspects to adjust to the new way of organizing the auctions. First Macedonian border where SEE CAO will begin to organize auctions Macedonian-Greek border, is expected to begin by early next year. SEE CAO will conduct annual, monthly and daily actions of available transfer capacity of the Macedonian-Greek border.

SEE CAO is a company based in Podgorica, Montenegro, and its founders are electricity transmission system operators in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Turkey and Macedonia.

June 3, 2016