Dear All,

With the increasing number of electronic applications in the Customs Administration intended for economic operators, the number of users of the same is also increasing. To simplify the procedure for obtaining access to electronic, we have introduced a single form, with which the future users will be able to gain access to one or more electronic systems. On one side, it will simplify the procedure for access of economic operators, on the other hand, it will increase efficiency in terms of human resource management at the Customs Administration which works in this area and in other services working on forwarding documents or archiving.

Using this procedure for electronic submission of an application signed by a valid digital certificate for access to the electronic system of Customs. The entire proceedings were completed at the time of submission of the request by the responsible person of the Customs Administration to process the request.

To submit an electronic request for access is required the economic operator to have a valid digital certificate issued by a qualified CA in the country with the approval of the Ministry of Finance or from GlobalSign or Makedonski Telekom. Requests signed with other digital certificates shall be considered void.

In addition you can download the form.

Application for registration of economic operators in the ICT systems of the Customs Administration may be filled out the following link.

June 16, 2016