EVN Makedonija Elektrani received an Award for good practice for Safety and Health at work


EVN Makedonija Elektrani has won the National Award for good practice for Safety and Health at Work for 2015. “The Security and Health Council” and the “Macedonian Association for Safety at Work” awarded this recognition to EVN for its continuity in the improvement of processes and measures of safety and health protection of its employees.

“EVN Makedonija Elektrani, as a company which is part of the group EVN, consistently delivers great emphasis on safety and health of its employees both in the area of ​​education, and in terms of monitoring, implementation and promotion of all positive European and world standards and trends in safety and health at work” said dr. Miroslav Mitrevski, Manager of EVN Makedonija Elektrani.

According to Dimitar Naumov, Head of the Department of Safety and Health in EVN, this award is a confirmation of all activities related to health and safety at work which are implemented and supported through active cooperation between experts of the group, employees, trade unions and employee representatives who provide a major contribution in the selection, procurement and implementation of new equipment, devices and tools for work, educational activities and exercises, health checks and additional activities whose goal is to protect the life and health of employees.

This award was presented on the marking of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, where the main theme was “Stress at work: a collective challenge”.

May 25, 2016