The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska, opened the three-day Mentor Conference in Skopje, together with the Ambassador of the Netherlands to the Republic of Macedonia, Willem Vouter Plump and the organizer Slavica Nikolovska, welcomed the Macedonian Mentors’ Network of over 60 professionals mentors in Skopje from Macedonia, the Netherlands, Albania and Kosovo.

The purpose of the conference that starts the project “Strengthening women through mentoring” is to foster the importance of the mentoring process, as well as the networking in the Republic of Macedonia and the region in the direction of promoting equal rights for men and women, as well as supporting the initiatives of women entrepreneurs. In her address, Arsovska stressed that mentors are a very important part of personal and professional development, an inspiration for the future generation of enthusiasts in building a strong, prosperous and tolerant society, with special importance to the role of women in social progress.

“Despite the increased awareness of the importance and role of women that can be crucial in changing the economic power of the country, in the private sector, however, women are not sufficiently represented in managerial positions and there is an unequal struggle, because to be equal means there are equal development opportunities. We think that the main role of the mentors is here, to encourage, support and provide the hands of promising women with the goal of achieving success and leadership in their domain of activity, “Arsovska said in her address and added that in the emerging economies, women have a greater share in the economy, information about the latest world trends, more opportunities for innovation and a different world view.

The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce is a national partner of the Macedonian Mentors’ Network, and the conference is supported by the Dutch Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia.