In the next two years serious investors will invest in the Western Balkans region, but to avoid Macedonia requires urgent structural reforms, said Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, President Danela Arsovska after meeting with leaders of the leading chambers of commerce. world economies, USA, Russia, UK, which held in Paris at the annual meeting of the World Chambers Federation WCF.

She is the first elected representative from Macedonia under the leadership of the World Chambers Federation WCF, the only global forum representing over 12,000 chambers of commerce. At the meeting of the leadership of the chambers Arsovska, held several important bilateral meetings where the positions for entering new investments in our country were discussed.

“Serious investors are planning to direct their capital and realize the projects planned for the next two years in the Western Balkans. Given our position as a country, the only one in the region with a WCF leadership, Macedonia has the opportunity to position itself as a destination for realization of large investment projects. The overall picture, although strategically well-positioned, is that the current political and socio-economic situation in the country is unstable, and undermined confidence in the legal system and the rule of law are reflected in unpredictable business environment and systemic dysfunction, which are the main causes which deter investors. Without the commitment to implement structural reforms, any incentives offered will not be enough for investors to make a decision. Failure to make decisions on large foreign investments is an opportunity for faster economic development, “Arsovska said.

She added that resolving these problems that deter foreign investors should be taken seriously and dedicated, as some of the world-renowned companies are already considering the possibility of launching projects in Serbia, rather than in Macedonia.

 Arsovska has been elected a member of the international group on economic policy making and recommendations at the 15th G20 Government Summit to be held in Riyadh this October.

At this year’s Paris meeting, leaders of chambers of commerce also discussed world economic trends, focusing on tackling global challenges, modernizing the global trading system, and designing new global governance models that will contribute to a prosperous and unified digital ecosystem.

 The World Chamber Federation as the only global forum bringing together chambers of commerce from all over the world represents the voice of the business community in the most relevant world organizations such as the United Nations, the G20, the World Trade Organization and the European Bank for Reconstruction.

 The Paris-based World Chamber Federation leadership announces the global agenda on a different continent each year, 2018 in Dubai, last in Russia, and this year in France.