At today’s Forum 2018 – Investment Opportunity Potential, organized by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) under the auspices of the Cabinet of Zoran Sapuric, Minister in charge of regulation for improving the investment climate, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, attended by the Governor the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, Anita Angelovska Bežovska, government advisers, representatives of ministries, institutions, businessmen pointed out that the private sector has been facing a backward period shouts and stagnation of investments.

President Danela Arsovska stressed that the lethargy among businessmen is the result of a continuous crisis and a backlash from investments.

“The economy is stagnating and active measures are needed to encourage new investments and growth. What we feel in the economy is a lethargic state on the basis of investments. It’s not just that companies do not invest, but that those little funds they have are not ready to put them at risk, especially when it comes to a good idea that requires more funds. And the commercial banks in Macedonia do not offer funds for projects without full coverage. Therefore, we believe that alternative ways of financing are the entry of large capital funds in our national companies in order to their rapid growth and enabling them to realize what they are unable to implement with their own funds, “Arsovska stressed at today’s forum” Potential regulation for angel investors “.

The Forum emphasized the need for legal regulation of angel investors, creating a favorable ambience for their entry, and the legal regulation for the most part should be in function of checking the capital of angel investors.

One of the Conclusions of the Forum was that there were potential obstacles to the Law on Trade Companies for future investments. This Forum is the first in a series that follows in order to define a draft regulation that will be more stimulating and not repressive to attract trusted capital of angel investors.

In the Republic of Macedonia, there is a lack of commercial forms for supporting companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as starting up businesses, which is why, following the example of countries with competitive economies, entry of angel investors that financially support Macedonian companies will be strengthened, and thus the domestic economy.