The Botanical Program of Alkaloid with renewed HALAL certificate


The Botanical Program of Alkaloid within which the teas Good Nature, Zachinal and Grini – dried vegetables are included, received another confirmation of the high level of safety and quality that has successfully maintained for years. “The updated Halal certification is an additional guarantee of high standards when it comes to safety in the food industry. HALAL confirms the quality of the product in the direction that it is healthy and does not contain harmful dyes, flavorings, additives, emulsifiers and carcinogenic substances prohibited by the Islamic regulations” said the representatives of the company. The range of botanical products offered by Alkaloid AD Skopje, first gained the Halal certificate in 2012, an act which, for the company, represented another confirmation and proof of the quality and safety of products, as well as for the health promotion in the community.

18 april 2016