Overcoming the regional problems in the field of catering and tourism and developing joint initiatives is foreseen by the HELIX project that will be implemented in the next two years in Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. The project holders are six universities for management and hospitality from Ablania, Bulgaria and Greece and the Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. The project also includes the universities of tourism and management from Skopje and Ohrid, the project offers initiatives for exchange of entrepreneurial learning for the sustainability of small and medium enterprises in the Balkan-Mediterranean region.

The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) Danela Arsovska addressed the event and emphasized the importance of suppressing unfair competition as the number one condition for development of the sector. The President of the Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Zore Temelkovski, pointed out that the Project aims at contributing to the development and sustainability of the catering industry in the region through the planned activities and to study the provisions of the key holders in the catering sector in order to improve the sustainability of the tourism sector and to develop a strategy for capacity building. In addition, it should develop tools for learning the catering professions for ensuring sustainable development and managing innovation and raising the quality of old age in these areas, said

He emphasized that he also envisions joint action and networking between research and development centers, higher education institutions and providers of vocational education and training from the region for improving skills in the entrepreneurship and innovation sector, both nationally and transnational.

The ministers Zoran Sapuric and Zorica Apostolska also addressed the event as well as presidents of chambers of commerce, managers, professors in the tourism and catering sector.