More than 75 speakers, top names from the global business, over 2,500 attendees attend the seventh two-day edition of the Summit Macedonia2025. Leaders in their world-wide areas, in separate panel sessions, discuss the latest global trends in the economy, investment and technological innovation. Also, successful Macedonian stories have been presented, and the focus will be on digital transformation, the latest technologies in healthcare and green industries.  

The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SSK), Danela Arsovska, in the panel session dedicated to the topic: “SEE Development: Investments, Trade and Perspectives”, within the framework of the Summit Macedonia 2025, stressed the importance of a balance in economic reforms as it would not slowed down economic growth. “The entire region faces the same challenges and needs, therefore competitiveness is extremely important for which of the economies in the region will be distinguished as a leader in providing favorable conditions for attracting domestic and foreign investments. The most difficult task in implementing structural economic reforms in Macedonia is specifically how to implement political decisions without disturbing the fragile economy and sustainability of the economy. At this point, it is crucial to carefully balance the planned tax reforms, while at the same time providing progress in the key areas where we have detected weaknesses such as ensuring rule of law, better living and working conditions, and improving the efficiency of administration that, like service to the private sector and citizens are in the direction of enabling economic growth, “Arsovska stressed.

Arsovska at the thematic panel session discussed with Andrew Wrobel from Great Britain, Maximilian Lamberton, chief economist from the UK, Dubravka Negre, head of the EIB regional office for the Western Balkans, Pia Barbojc Jurashievich, director of Imperial Tobacco, Slovenia and Dusko Krsmanovic , CMS Law Development Director, Serbia.