In order to foster the entrepreneurial spirit through the promotion of successful examples, this year for the 13th time, the prestigious national award “Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” was awarded to the most successful micro and small business entrepreneurs in the country.

In the category of small enterprises, the first prize went to Daniela Nikolovska, manager of the company “Greemak Group” from Skopje, and the second to Goran Cuculeski, manager of the company “Gourmano-Krivogastani Promet” from Krivogashtani.

The first award in the category of micro enterprises was given to Riza Rexhepi, manager of the company “Teknik Riza” from Kicevo, and the second to Georgi Damceski, manager of the company “Print 2015” from Prilep.

The event was opened by Deputy Minister of Economy Kiril Kolemisevski, President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska, Director of the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, Tetjana Lazarevska, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia awarded the most successful entrepreneurs of the year for 2019.

Arsovska noted that the initiative of the national selection of the most successful entrepreneurs in Macedonia in 2007 was accepted by the organizing partners in order to raise the awareness for entrepreneurship.

“The Alliance’s efforts are continually focused on encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship, based on knowledge and innovation as the potential for achieving greater economic growth. Entrepreneurs need institutional support that will positively impact their growth. One example of that support is the proposal for deregulation, by removing administrative barriers and tax exemptions in the first years of company formation, for companies to be able to achieve stability and growth. The number of continuously growing entrepreneurs shows an evident decrease, from 320 in 2007 to 2019 with 31 in competition to choose from, which should include the alarm. To support them by enabling institutional deregulation, so that they can be removed from the day-to-day administrative barriers to dedicate themselves to growth of companies, “Arsovska said.

The selection of the best entrepreneurs for 2019 is done by the Ministry of Economy, based on data from the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia. According to the criteria, a total of 31 micro and small enterprises have entered the competition for selection, which have realized in the last 3 years continuous growth in the number of employees, total revenues, profits and investments. The best of this number of entrepreneurs were involved in the selection process through surveys, site visits, analysis and evaluation according to well-defined criteria.

The main organizers of the 2019 National Entrepreneur Selection are the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Northwest Macedonia Chamber of Commerce, while the co-organizer is the National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning. The institutional patron is the Ministry of Economy and the supporter is the Savings House Moznosti.