The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), Danela Arsovska, at the invitation of the President of FMA, Ph.D. Akan Souwer, will be panelist at the session “Women Changing the World” at the 21th Eurasian Economic Summit, officially starting today.

He at the highest level unites both the incumbent and former statesmen, presidents, prime ministers, ministers, distinguished persons from the social and political life, the non-governmental sector and the business communities of 40 countries. It will be debated on important topics from today such as “Technology Sentiment Policy”, “Smart Cities”, Climate Change.

The Eurasian Economic Forum aims to promote relations between the EU and the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East, such as strengthening economic ties, improving regional co-operation in order to help maximize the opportunities created by the process of globalization and minimize its adverse effects .

The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce Arsovska is the first woman president of the National Chamber of the Balkans and for the second consecutive year is a panelist at this strategic economic summit, which has been organized since 1998.