Pekabesko donated milk and meat products in the station for the homeless

In coordination with the Red Cross of Skopje, packets of food within a socially responsible action “Every Like yours helps” were designed and donated to homeless Station for the Red Cross in Momin Potok.

“We are grateful to the huge number of consumers who are first choice products of the assortment. Thereby enabling continuous noted the company’s growth and to continuously invest in the community through these and similar activities. Great gratitude to the Red Cross of Skopje, with continuous successful cooperation based on the principles of humanity and solidarity with vulnerable groups in Macedonia, “the Pekabesko.

The action, which the company conducts with the Facebook community called “Like all thy help,” and the assortment for every new Like on the Facebook page separated by 3 denars intended for food packages for socially disadvantaged families. Earlier, under this action were donated to 57 food packages for socially disadvantaged families.


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