President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska attended the event PRO that new 170 companies have become customers of the Large Taxpayers Office of the Public Revenue Office (PRO), bringing the number rose to a total of 435 using the services, generating 44.42 percent of revenue in the state budget.

Users are companies from the oil industry, the energy sector, metallurgy, banking, insurance and leasing komlpanii, public companies, as well as companies that perform socially significant Deno and foreign investments operating in TIDZ.

“The number of companies which qualify as large taxpayers is three times higher than in 2006 when it was formed Directorate. This speaks enough development capacity of the Directorate and the economic development of the country, “said Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski today at the Conference organized on the occasion of the entry of new taxpayers in this Directorate.

He added that large enterprises have a significant impact on the growth and development of the economy. As pointed out, they are creators of a number of jobs, holders of technological progress, exports and GDP growth.

Minoski noted that in the past made a number of reforms to simplify the management in this area and that the number of procedures for payment of taxes from 54 in 2006 reduced to seven procedures, the effective tax rate of 40 percent has been reduced to 13 percent.

Time said Minoski for paying taxes is far lower than the average of the countries of Europe and Central Asia and the average of OECD countries. Paying taxes is performed entirely by electronic system that procedure unless it is significantly easier, it is quite effective and less expensive.

Since 2006, he added the Minister of Finance introduced the concept of a flat tax and reduce the rate of personal income tax and profit tax of 10 percent, which does not change in times of global economic and debt crisis in times of inner- political crisis.

Directorate as Director of PRO said Anastasia Ilieska has been a steady growth of users now stands at 435, compared to 2006 when 133 counted users.