The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) is launching Digital Certificates of Origin for the first time in our country. In front of Macedonian companies and associates, with the support of the USAID Business Ecosystem Development (BEP) Project, the Association is promoting the process of electronic issuance of Certificate of Origin, which will save companies time, money and improve reliability of credibility. Certificate of Origin. Until now the Certificate of Origin, an international trade document used to determine the origin of goods for official, commercial and financial export needs, has been issued exclusively in paper form with supporting documentation.
The President of the Association, Danela Arsovska, in her address noted that the digitalization of business processes is aimed at improving the services offered by the Association to companies in order to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the business community.

“Worldwide, chambers of commerce play a central role in facilitating global trade, which is an important commitment of the Chambers of Commerce. Some of the services include issuing certificates of origin for exporters. Keeping up with global trends, the Alliance is launching a new service for companies today that will make it easier, more efficient and faster to issue Certificates of Origin products for export. The current process of paper issuance of the Certificate has taken valuable time, more precisely obtaining documentation, filling in by companies and re-submitting for verification. The current procedure will be carried out electronically as a whole, which significantly reduces the time for administering the certificates, saving not only time, but also shipping costs to and from the issuing place, further enhancing the transparency of the overall process. ” Arsovska added that the Electronic Certificate of Origin is a means of facilitating the trading environment and is necessary when exporting to Macedonian export companies.

The first company in our country to start using the Electronic Certificate of Origin is TICHI GROUP, import-export company from Veles. At the official promotion, Director Filip Rashevski noted that in this way the processes are accelerated and over 90 percent, saving time and money for travel, more precisely paper procedure completed minimum for one day including travel, and now electronically finishes short “Modernizing export procedures really saves time and money,” Rashevski said.
The Certificate of Origin of the world renowned company ESS CERT which manages the largest electronic certificate network of origin in the world, covers 240 chambers of commerce, used by 14 countries around the world in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Macedonia has joined the European, Irish, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovenian, Swedish and United Kingdom companies today. The Certificate of Origin is used in international trade transactions to certify that the product listed there fulfills certain criteria of origin from a particular country. It shall be submitted to the customs authority of the importing country in order to justify the eligibility of the product for entry.

Zlatko Veterovski, Assistant Director of the Customs System Department, Customs Administration emphasized that the implementation of digital processes is not simple, but the benefits are undoubtedly great, as they improve the competitiveness of both companies and institutions in order to create a more efficient and compliant environment. with global development.

Around two thousand chambers of commerce around the world submit more than 12 million certificates of origin annually. The first Certificate of Origin was issued in 1898, and after the signing of the 1923 Geneva Convention, the Chambers were recognized by governments and customs as the competent authority for the issue of certificates of origin. Chambers play an important, important role as trusted third parties, which bring security, integrity, neutrality and impartiality in the issuance of certificates of origin.