In the solemn atmosphere, in the presence of numerous guests, ministers, representatives of institutions and the diplomatic corps, associates, traditionally, this year, ten awards for Macedonian Quality 2019 were awarded to the national brand ambassadors.

The prestigious recognition of the companies that contribute to the development of the economy and affirm the Macedonian quality in the country and is internationally awarded by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce under the auspices of the President of the country. The acknowledgments were awarded by the President of the Republic of Macedonia. S. Macedonia d. Stevo Pendarovski, President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Ms. Danela Arsovska, as well as representatives of the Presidency of the Association.

Winners of the Acknowledgments are: Nastel, Be – Da Logistics, Fitozarm, Birokom, Tiffany Group, Eurosurvine PA, NOVA International School, Krivogashtani Promet, Pakomak and AKUD Mirce Acev.

Arsovska noted that the Chambers of Commerce has been promoting the quality of domestic companies recognized in international markets for years, but what is lacking is a national strategy for institutional support for individual strengthening of domestic brands.

“The success of any domestic company is a national success. To market domestic products as a country we need to strive to conquer new markets, which is a major challenge for companies, especially small and medium-sized ones. The potential we have is evident, and not sufficiently affirmed and used. We have solid companies, numerous unique entrepreneurial ideas with the potential for international penetration. Macedonian traditional creativity is affirmed worldwide and has great value as a cultural landmark of the nation, to set a new common goal for Macedonia to be placed on the world map by successful national brands known and recognized on five continents, “Arsovska said.

The commission, composed of members of the cabinet of the President of the Republic, in accordance with the precisely established criteria, this year, carefully selected Macedonian representatives who have a tradition of creating and maintaining a national brand. This event is held every year in recognition of and promoting the business successes of Macedonian national brand representatives for the current year, with 10 Macedonian Quality Awards each year.