On the 20th Euroasian Economic Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, presidents of states and governments, as well as prominent government officials discuss the intersection of humanity and challenges in the economy.

At the invitation of the President of the IMF, as a special panelist of the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit, Mrs. Danela Arsovska, President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, discussed about the threat of terrorism and forced migration, facing the Republic of Macedonia, which have an impact on the national economy. It was a joint session with the Minister of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan Mr. Natiq Aliyev, former Prime Minister of Romania HE Victor Ponta and former Vice Chancellor of Austria, the Erhad Busek.

“The business sector in the country is facing great uncertainty on the one hand from the domestics political instability, and the other from external factors such as the difficulties in the economies and recession in neighboring countries, but mainly the migrant crisis and the wave of refugees to our southern border. We are witnessing a large scale crisis and extreme changes taking place globally. A fact regarding the future of our economy as a landlocked country is to have is having to face the challenge of the unknown, the flood of refugees now stuck on our southern border. This situation has affected not only our economy, but also all European countries on the path of corridor 10 are affected by the crisis caused by blockages in the road and railway. This has a certain and deep impact on energy, trade and transport industry. In such circumstances, international businesses refrain from investment and development as well from implementation of project activities, which create additional long-term slowdown in the affected countries economies. These social events have a direct negative impact on the global economy as well.” – said Arsovska

She added that the economy directly affect the negative social events, such as the fear of the threat of terrorism and forced migration, but it is necessary to overcome these challenges and will not be allowed to affect the global economic trends.

“There is an obvious fear of the threat of terrorism and forced migration, as yet relatively unknown factors with which the Republic of Macedoniais being faced, and the same have an impact on the economy. Finding solutions is a necessary step to reduce the pressure on the business, because slowing down the development in the economy means slowing down growth and being step closer to poverty. Since the most important driving force of the economy is the private sector, its time we use all available resources to come together and by public-private partnership, strategically improve the conditions for doing business and maintain the economic growth.”

In her speech, she pointed out that the cooperation between Eurasia countries is quite important, because we need to find an alternate solution to overcome these mentioned challenges, but in the meantime not allow these challenges to stop the development.

“Sharing knowledge about business, investment, advanced technology, innovation and leadership should be a leading engine for sustainable economic development and reduce the gap between developed and less developed countries. Necessary investments in renewable resources, greater use of bio-gas and bio-diesel, solar energy, “tele-health”, intelligence between machines, electric vehicles, environmentally friendly homes, emotional engineering, energy and natural resources, innovations in telecommunications, circular economy. Economic integration in these areas should be a requirement for more dynamic global economic development, in stability and continuity. The only way forward to the future is through a developed economys in conditions of healthy environment and increasing the use of modern technology in all segments of life.

Let us create new added value, new products and business opportunity potentials as a result of the technological advances, use the available resources to improve life in the 21st century. Let’s start from here, from Istanbul the bridge between Europe and Asia.”- said Arsovska