Efficient delivery services, participation of more companies in the free market to provide better and better quality services to end users as well as implementation of new trends in the speed and reliability of postal delivery, as advanced software for tracking the shipments, are some important Aspects to be implemented for readiness for liberalization of postal services are expected to start on 1 January 2020, which has been delayed for 4 years.

Vice President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Aleksandar Milosevski, noted that according to the Post Agency reports over 2000 citizens annually file complaints about lost postal items. In this regard, it is necessary to implement new trends for the speed and reliability of the postal flows as a first step for timely delivery of shipments.

“The most important thing for clients is timely and reliable delivery of goods and that is exactly what the postal operators should strive for. To this end, there is a need to protect free market competition, promote the interests of the economy and users of postal services. Private postal operators in the Union are expecting the long-awaited liberalization of the postal market, which is currently limited, meaning only Macedonian Post is responsible for the postal service in the reserved area for shipments weighing up to 50 grams. The greater the liberalization and the opportunity for participation of more companies in the free market gives the opportunity to provide better and better services “, stressed Milosevski.

He said that living in a time when online commerce is growing rapidly, postal operators as the ultimate tool of that chain need to be stronger with quality service.

“The potential of the development of the postal services in today’s digital age is also linked to the ever-growing e-commerce segment in Macedonia. According to the National Bank data, over 5 million online transactions were realized during 2018, compared to about 4 million online transactions during 2017, which is a 21% increase. According to the State Statistical Office, 406,000 people bought online last year, or 31.6% of internet users, up 19.5% from the same period last year, an increase of 62%. All this opens a field of work for postal service operators and opportunities for development and advancement of the postal industry, “said Milosevski.

The European Commission’s remarks on the postal industry are a complete liberalization of the country’s postal market and a continuation of the strengthening of the regulatory capacity of the regulatory body. In Macedonia, according to the Post Agency data, a total of 38 service providers are registered.