Macedonian Chambers of Commerce with the Climate Action Women Initiative launches a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and taking measures to motivate and engage institutions and companies to fight pollution and climate change. Pollution is at an alarming level not only on the air but also on the environment in general, which has a negative and long-term impact on everyone living and working in Macedonia.

“Chamber members contribute directly to tackle pollution and climate change, but the action needs to be massive. So we urge everyone to join in an action that is simple but effective. Everyone should evaluate how many of these activities they carry out in their institution or company, helping to make them more sustainable, while at the same time helping the state and the world in action against climate change, “Arsovska said.
Alliance member companies are actively taking the following 10 steps that are a call to action for all institutions, organizations and companies.

• Advocacy requirements for action to tackle pollution and climate change at local and national level
• Raising awareness of its employees, partners, suppliers, consumers, media and other stakeholders
• Select suppliers that apply good environmental practices
• Promote an environmentally friendly way of working, without the use of paper, by using digital tools to reduce costs and the use of redundant materials
• Take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Work towards reducing energy consumption in the workplace
• Choose renewable energy sources for their needs and projects
• Reduce waste generation, recycle, repair instead of replace new items in the workplace
• Encourage the use of public and alternative transport
• Choose green infrastructure and equipment according to the latest environmental standards, equipment that is energy efficient and sustainable

Macedonia has not been removed from the list of countries most polluted in the world for days. These days it is among the top 10 countries according to the world-wide air quality measurement website AirVisual.