Delegation of Italian businessmen arrives in our country for direct meetings with businessmen from the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) in order to rationalize trade partnerships, investment projects, as well as to promote economic cooperation through joint appearance on third markets, was stressed at today’s business forum organized by the MCC, the Institute for Social Research MK91 and the Italian Bilateral Chamber. The business forum focused on the food industry, production and distribution of wine, tourism, construction, trade, consulting and medical services, renewable energy sources, which will additionally contribute to the increase of traditionally good business relations between the two countries.

 “Italy is among the ten largest trading partners of our country, namely the sixth foreign trade partner for 2018, according to official statistics. The total trade exchange last year amounted to 614 million euros, which is 13.3% higher than in 2017. Exports in 2018 reached 184m euros, and imports 430m euros, whereby, compared to 2017, we have an export growth of 12.6%, as well as an increase in the import by 14.0%. In addition to the desired strengthening of good business relations, together we need to dedicate ourselves to reducing the differences in trade exchange and encouraging companies for concrete partnerships and mutual cooperation. The excellent relations we are building with the chambers of Italy, as qualitatively set up channels of cooperation, are aimed at encouraging companies in the mission to find reliable business partners to use these channels, “said Danela Arsovska, President of the MCC, adding that it is especially the significant experience of the Italian companies in the realization of major infrastructure projects given the fact that as a country in these sectors is present in more than 90 countries in the world.

 Zorica Apostolska, Minister of Foreign Investments, said Italy is an important trading partner of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and is permanently on the list of the top ten countries with which our country has the largest volume of trade exchange and business cooperation.

“For all foreign investors and business in general, the political security and security of the country is important, because it strongly affects the increase in economic activities, the inflow of new investments, the reduction of unemployment and the increase in GDP, which will ultimately result in raising the life standard of citizens. By joining NATO and launching negotiations with the EU, the Republic of Northern Macedonia realizes its strategic priorities and acquires political security and security, which is a motivating prerequisite for a serious influx of new foreign investments, “said Apostolska.

 Francesco Petrela, President of the Macedonian Italian Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that Italian investments in our country are mainly focused on the part of TGS technical gases, renewable energy sources, textile and shoe industry, but that there is a particular interest in Italian businessmen for food industry and tourism.

 According to official data, 130 companies with Italian capital operate in our country. The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce in 2016, additionally with the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the office of the Confederation of Italy in Macedonia, which is a leading trade association in which over 150 thousand companies are members .