The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) and the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia promote the concept of Authorized Economic Operator (OEO). At the press conference, it was emphasized that the status of OEO is an internationally recognized quality mark which indicates that economic operators from Macedonia as manufacturers, exporters and importers, forwarders and transporters in the international supply chain are safe and secure, and their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

The President of the Union, Danela Arsovska, pointed out that the first companies have already applied and are in the process of implementing the necessary rules for obtaining AEO status, which means a benefit for the companies both in the Macedonian customs area and in the customs area of ​​the countries of the CEFTA region, ie it provides priority treatment in carrying out customs controls with significantly simplified procedures. “We believe our companies as authorized economic operators will be a positive example and will encourage others to acquire the status of Authorized Economic Operator as a guarantee for a credible company internationally. The benefits for acquiring AEO status among companies are numerous in terms of facilitation and acceleration of trade, export promotion and economic growth.

In particular, the companies that will acquire the AEO status satisfy the legal criteria envisaged and are considered a safe and reliable partner in the supply chain. On the other hand, the acquisition of AEO status for domestic companies is also a challenge, because it is a process of implementation of high standards, said Arsovska, adding that companies that will acquire AEO will have simpler, faster and cheaper procedures in the long run. companies that are export-oriented.

The Director of the Customs Administration, Gjoko Tanasoski, pointed out that part of the benefits that the AEO status has acquired, which is acquired on a voluntary basis, is greater security and reliability as well as reduced costs.

“The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia is aware of the importance of the AEO concept, the opportunities it offers for the economic operators and the Customs Administration is committed to further developing the concept, promoting it in front of the business community as well as providing assistance and support to all interested operators from one side, and at the same time development and promotion of the customs service itself while exercising the responsibilities related to the EEO concept, “said Tanasoski.

Tanasoski encouraged Macedonian companies to acquire AEO status in order to take advantage of the benefits and benefits of the approved status. The concept of Authorized Economic Operator is one of the instruments to facilitate trade. The recent amendments to the Customs Law also apply to the criteria for issuing an authorization for an authorized economic operator that are fully compliant with the national regulations and provisions of the AEO of the European Union Customs Code. The success of applying the concept depends on the interest of companies to apply it. The concept of an authorized economic operator has long been promoted by the World Customs Organization and accepted by many countries, it covers eligibility for an authorized economic operator in the country and abroad.