Domestic and foreign top experts in the field of mediation, ministers, high representatives of institutions, businessmen of separate panel sessions today discussed the benefits of mediation as a procedure for an effective way of out-of-court dispute resolution within the first European Conference on Mediation organized by the Chamber the Mediators, the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The conference was opened by Mr. Slave Mladenovski, President of the Chamber of Mediators, who noted that with the organization of this conference, the Chamber shows that it is open for cooperation and partnership with organizations of mediators from Europe, with the institutions, the civil sector and the business community.

“Our work is directly related to building good relations between clients who have a dispute, and then with the support of legal entities in the business to continue to cooperate and be successful. I am personally convinced that with the increased development of mediation, through informing and familiarizing citizens, businessmen, representatives from the state and the civil sector about the advantages and possibilities of mediation, we will contribute to reducing the division among the citizens on different grounds and reducing the conflict in the society. Mediation has the power to make people in dispute be friends, associates and partners, “Mladenoski noted.

Renata Deskovska, Minister of Justice in the Government of the RSM, emphasized that the Conference provides an opportunity for exchange of experiences and a civilized way of finding solutions that all parties will be satisfied with.

“In the past period, the advantages and disadvantages of the mediation process were detected. The strategy for advancing the concept of mediation is aimed at stimulating it in court proceedings. The Chamber of licensed mediators is a partner of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia and the results are already visible. If in the period from 2007 to 2016 there were no three-digit number of mediation as a procedure in 2017, the difference was the record in 1367, the parties by mediation had an opportunity to resolve the disputed attitude, 70% of all cases ended with an agreement, “said Deskovska and added that in terms of economic disputes 395 were given the opportunity to settle by mediation, of which 129 or 32.6 percent ended with an agreement.

The President of the Union, Danela Arsovska, in his address pointed out that mediation is a desirable way to resolve economic disputes, because it is a voluntary, quick and economical procedure, but it is not sufficiently used as a mechanism.

“Experience shows that mediation is used, mostly by smaller companies, but it is not sufficiently known as a tool for peaceful settlement of disputes, although for it there are certain legal obligations. The main reason why economic entities are determined for mediation is the need for quick and peaceful resolution of disputes and promotion of cooperation, the need to preserve the business reputation and reputation, as well as the lower costs for the procedure. Mediation reduces unnecessarily lengthy and costly litigation and increases effectiveness in overcoming conflicts between parties in the dispute, finding solutions acceptable to both parties, “Arsovska stressed, and it is very important to follow the world trends regarding mediation and to be implemented in our Legislation.

The professors also addressed the conference. Dr. Zoran Sapuric, Minister in charge of regulation for improvement of the investment climate in the Government of RSM and N. E. Willem Wohlter Plopp, ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. At the first European Panel on Mediation panel sessions devoted to the mediation process in resolving economic disputes, European experiences and the monitoring of world trends in this field were debated by top experts mediators from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina . Mediation is most prevalent in the Netherlands, with the longest serving in the United States.