The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SSK), Danela Arsovska, is on an official visit to Washington. The purpose of the visit is to start talks on promoting the rules of work that will guarantee the security of domestic and foreign investments, which should be adopted no later than 2020.

“The administrative rules on which national institutions will operate play an important role in economic development, and the ultimate goal of these talks is to encourage domestic and foreign investment in developing countries. If we do not allow harmonization with global rules and practices, we will lag behind in the field of the economy, because the rapid changes in laws and the lack of understanding of the relevant stakeholders, ie the business community, will always result in investment insecurity and an increased opportunity for implementation disputes. Therefore, the Republic of Macedonia needs to dedicate itself to creating quality and sustainable legal solutions that will remove the doubts among investors that the Republic of Macedonia is uncertain and unstable for investing in domestic or foreign capital, “said Arsovska and added that if the legislation is harmonized with the best world practices will be the minimum of the possibility of trade disputes, which improves the position of the Republic of Macedonia to attract foreign investors, but also to increase the number of domestic investments.

Arsovska also participated in the Transatlantic Security Initiative at the Council of the Atlantic Council on the topic “From the Pentagon: the role of women in national security” which focuses on many of the strategic challenges that the United States and its allies are facing. The event was opened by women leaders from the area, such as Kathleen McKinnis who, as an expert, worked with NATO focus in the office of the US Secretary of Defense, as well as Christine E. Vormut, who was in charge of defense policy in the US Department of Defense. During her visit to Washington, Arsovska is scheduled to hold meetings with investors and representatives of the chambers of commerce from the United States and the World Bank.