Duna presented the intelligent home for every family


At the Fashion & Life Style Expo in Skopje the intelligent home for every family was presented

The Smart House Intelligence System is based on non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need for cabling and additional works at home

At 6 am the system sets the temperature and all the necessary features in the home for the morning routine; 7:15 – the home wakes up; 7:20 – blinds automatically boot; 7:25 – The system observes motion, slowly brightens the hallways, bathroom and kitchen; 7:26 – shower runs hot water, the machine prepares fresh coffee, the TV switches on the channel with the morning news; 7:30 – the windows slightly open because of ventilation; 7:50 – in the ventilated bedroom a piece of information about the weather is heard, the system plays your favorite music; 8:00 – going out to work, and the smart home switches off all appliances, turns the alarm system on, lowers the blinds and closing safety doors. Your home is secure!

Introductory scene from a science fiction movie? Not at all, but a daily reality in the intelligent home!

Duna Computers for the first time in Macedonia introduced a new segment that the company is developing – the so-called Smart House Intelligence or intelligent home for every family. This is Duna’s new product launched in Fashion & Life Style Expo, held this weekend in the building of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje.

“At the beginning of this year, we are proud to present a new segment in the company, Smart House Intelligence, or so-called smart home for every family. With the Duna system, each home can get a dimension of self-regulating and operating mechanisms, which will serve the everyday routine life needs and habits of all members in the home. Thanks to this solution, all electrical devices in your home can communicate directly, providing a wide area of ​​configurability, and in terms of solutions and applications, individually adapted. The Smart Home provides additional comfort and safety in the home” said Mrs. Valentina Ivanoska, Operations Manager at Duna Computers at the presentation of the intelligent home.

Fibaro SmartHouse panel-02

Smart House Intelligence system is based on non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need for additional cabling and wiring in the home. Minimalist modules can be installed at any junction box in the house, behind the power switch behind the switch for control of blinds and the like. What is another convenience for users, the system is not bound to the home as construction forever. Therefore, if the user rearranges, modify or update the home, there is no problem moving around the system: you can take any of the modules from the wall and move to the new location. “Thanks to the mesh connection, the module will update the new location and will continue the cooperation of the entire network continuously,” said the employees in company.

The impressive stand of Duna within the Fashion & Life Style Expo, an easily comprehensible scheme was made presenting the characteristics and functionality of a smart home. Employees in the company responsible for implementing, monitoring and development of the smart home of the Duna, were made available to all interested parties who wanted to learn a little more about this system, its functioning, the implementation, the way of using and controlling the most basic processes at home.

March 22, 2016