In order to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit through the promotion of successful examples, the prestigious awards “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018” were awarded to the most successful entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises in the country.

In the category of small enterprises, the first prize went to Valjon Kupa, manager of the company Evita Group from Debar, and the second to Philip Ristevski, manager of the company Pixel from Skopje.

The first prize in the category of micro enterprises was given to Sashko Andonov, manager of the company Tecko Net from Kocani, and the second to Aleksandar Biljanoski, manager of the company My Studio Dadar from Skopje.

The awards were presented by the Minister of Economy, Kresnik Bekteshi, the President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska, the President of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha, and Lazar Nedanoski, Head of the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation.

The pre-selection for the election of “Entrepreneur of the year 2018” was made on the basis of data from the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia. In the period from 2015 to 2017, a total of 112 micro and small enterprises met the selection criteria and have realized continuous growth in the number of employees, total revenues, profits and investments. The best entrepreneurs were contacted and involved in the selection process by completing the questionnaire, visiting the field, analyzing and evaluating according to predetermined criteria (commitment to training, marketing and strategy for growth, investment in equipment and research, development and innovation, etc.) .

The awards within the event “Entrepreneur of the Year” this year were awarded for the 12th time, and the awarded entrepreneurs in both categories received statuettes, plaques and packages of services from the organizers.

The main organizers of the Entrepreneur of the year 2018 are the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF), the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SCC) and the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia (ECNWM). Co-organizer is the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning Development. Institutional patron is the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia. Sponsor of the event is Savings House Moznosti.