The General Chamber of the World Chamber of Federation, based in Paris, announced the appointment in the leadership of Danela Arsovska. Arsovska held her first address at a session held in Dubai, with which she was the first representative from the Republic of Macedonia in the leadership of the highest positions in 1919 from 12,0000 chambers around the world.

Arsovska will take the place of one of the 20 members of the General Council who will lead the Federation, where the remaining members represent the United States, China, Britain, Russia, Turkey, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Austria.

The appointment in the highest body of the World Federation of Combinations means the positioning of the Republic of Macedonia as the center of the Western Balkans for entry of new investments in the country and the region, reliable partnerships for domestic businessmen in order to increase exports and first-hand information on world economic developments.

“I am personally proud of this great success for the Republic of Macedonia and that after 100 years of existence of the World Federation of 12,000 chambers for the first time in the leadership of the highest positions comes a person from Macedonia, but also the only representative of the Western Balkans. The General Council is a crown to the efforts for internationalization that we have promoted in the past years. The place we deserve should be maximally used to strengthen our economic position, to attract investment in the national country, but also to open the markets for our companies that are challenging to market in the global market. Before us is the chance to be used, I am sure that together we will achieve much for the development of international trade based on the principles of free and fair competition, “said Arsovska in Dubai at the first session of the new post.

The World Chamber of Commerce as the only global forum that unites the chambers of commerce around the world, works to strengthen ties between chambers, but also represents the voice of the business community in the most relevant world organizations such as the United Nations Organization, the G20, the World Trade Organization, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Paris-based Council of the World Comorian Federation organizes a global event every year on a different continent, launched the strategic goals in China last year, and this year announced the global agenda in Dubai.