Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) participates at the 6th Regional Summit of Entrepreneurs, which is held at high level in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The President of SSK, Danela Arsovska, participates in a panel session dedicated to the role of business organizations in the development of entrepreneurship at the national level and the challenges that entrepreneurs face.

Arsovska at the summit pointed out that entrepreneurs are carriers of great potential for increasing economic growth, as well as for stimulating innovation in the private sector.

“The commitments of the Union are continuously directed towards incentives and support of entrepreneurship. In addition to heavy and limited access to finance for entrepreneurs, the “three K” are identified as the biggest challenge. The control, that is, the inspection supervision, is difficult for anyone who starts his own business and has no resources to monitor and comply with the regulation. Therefore, controls are particularly stressful and are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to regain due to non-compliance fines. For entrepreneurs, newly opened small companies deregulation in the first years of starting a business is the best support they can get. Corruption is the second challenge, while penalties, the fines, are the third of the problems that entrepreneurs point to irreversibly damaging their attempts to successfully run the companies they have founded. Last year’s project for supporting the Entrepreneurship of the Union provided us with a new database of the needs of the national entrepreneurs and from which numerous measures were implemented with the implementation of which will stimulate their development, and we actively stand in their protection, “Arsovska stressed, adding that in the countries from the region there are many similarities in the challenges and needs, therefore, the cooperation of business organizations with local authorities for the development of innovation-based entrepreneurship is an opportunity for economic development of goals from the region.

Within the framework of the 6th Regional Summit of Entrepreneurs in the Republic of Croatia, the President of SSK Arsovska was awarded a special high award and recognition for a special contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe in 2018. The recognition for MCC and Arsovska is the result of last year’s project for supporting entrepreneurship at the national and international level, as well as the quality of leadership for running an institution.

The award is presented every year to the Regional Entrepreneurs Summit by the International Committee for Awarding and Recognizing the Republic of Croatia and the International Economic Forum for Entrepreneurs.