President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce Danela Arsovska participates in a session of the Global Committee of Women Leaders. From this event, the Committee working with presidents of states and governments globally addresses the message of equal treatment for women. Arsovska is a member of the Global Committee’s board of 12 worldwide influential women, led by Swati Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter.

The members of the Committee of Women Leaders are globally established, influential individuals who with their determination and courage in various fields of action, business, art, politics, entrepreneurship, diplomacy have taken significant measures to improve the role and position of women. Arsovska is a board member, as a result of her international achievements and position in the top leadership of the WCF, which manages over 12,000 chambers of commerce globally, as one of 3 women in the world.
Mandela, a 21st Century woman leader, stressed that the challenge of boosting the world economy is to increase women’s participation in the labor market.
“As women, we need to start supporting and empowering every woman who deserves it, to get her place in society. When I started my mission, my personal experience was in the domain of politics, but not in entrepreneurship, which required a mentor. Governments need to provide women entrepreneurs with support, and this is often declarative, concrete steps are needed, “said Mandela.

Arsovska at the board meeting noted that while the issue of equal opportunities has been put on the agenda of governments around the world, the challenge remains largely unresolved, and progress in recent decades at the global level has been limited. She argues that quotas in the public sector are proof that unless equitable promotion is imposed institutionally, women are unlikely to receive equal treatment.

“We hit hard on stereotypes and break them into small pieces. The Global Committee of 12 Women Leaders has a Macedonian representative proving that small developing countries are not insignificant in global trends. We have succeeded with professional accomplishments that no one can dispute, to position ourselves before representatives of large and strong economies that have greater financial and political support. This is the motive for the new generations, to gain awareness and courage to contribute to global change and to recognize it worldwide. The same is the case with the issue of gender equality, with bold decisions and decisive steps to break the stereotypes that women are less valuable and important. For every position, the main criterion is not gender but to insist on meritocracy and quality ”, says Arsovska.

The session discussed the challenges of today with a concrete strategic plan of action for the next two years. As part of her official visit to Istanbul, Arsovska is also a panelist at the Global Summit of Women Leaders, where more than 500 eminent figures from politics, economics and science are present at the high level.
Pictured from the Global Committee of Women Leaders are Swati Mandela, President of the Global Committee of Women Leaders, Dr. Amenah Gourib-Hakim, 6th President of the Republic of Mauritius, Danela Arsovska, President of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, Lucy , director of Mindshift Capital and Barbara Dietrich, president of Diplomatic World