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Arsovska: The system must not tolerate those who do not pay taxes

Macedonian Chambers of Commerce with the established cooperation agreement with the Public Revenue Office started with strategic goals for suppressing the gray economy by taking concrete steps for acting and joint action, said the president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce Danela Arsovska in her 25th anniversary address. PRO.

- The goal is for as many unregistered entities to enter the system, work under equal conditions and contribute to the development of the national economy. Unfair competition disrupts the market economy, and the system must not tolerate taxpayers, and is a direct competition to the companies that are here today and belong to the group of top 100 taxpayers. There are mechanisms for combating the gray economy, and one of them is the consistent implementation of the Law on Prohibition of Unregistered Activity. We have also taken concrete steps that include digitization processes implemented by the private sector, and the Public Revenue Office implements systemic solutions that follow these processes in step - stated Arsovska.

The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce received a plaque for successful cooperation with the Public Revenue Office on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the PRO.

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From the President

 We are the leader and voice of the business community, a supporter of the economic growth of the chamber members. Together we will contribute to the economic stability of Macedonia and as partners move forward into a new decade of our success.

Arsovska Danela

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