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Challenges in the economy for SMEs

The President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), Danela Arsovska, Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Deputies at the event on "Challenges in the Economy for SMEs" with Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs Koco Angjushev and the Director of the Fund Innovation and Technological Development Jovan Depostovski discussed the possibilities for stimulating and developing the companies envisaged in the Plan for Economic Growth and gave their suggestions for the improvement of economic policies.

A favorable business environment for the development of companies, in the function of increasing competitiveness, investment, exports and innovations are a requirement for long-term economic growth, and therefore social progress. For the economy, fresh capital is always needed, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and any cost reduction for companies in the Republic of Macedonia is an incentive for development, a support that is currently necessary, especially when taking into account the long period of political turmoil and instability in the country .

The member companies of the Union pointed to the need for infrastructure investment, industry development, greater opportunities and sources for financing companies, increasing their exports and competitiveness, as well as supporting small and medium-sized companies, drivers of economic development.

The business community in the Alliance, the enhancement of the quality of economic and social development in the Republic of Macedonia, is based on active cooperation with all stakeholders in society, government institutions, non-governmental sector, education, academia, economy for creating long-term stable development strategies.

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From the President

 We are the leader and voice of the business community, a supporter of the economic growth of the chamber members. Together we will contribute to the economic stability of Macedonia and as partners move forward into a new decade of our success.

Arsovska Danela

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