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World Excellence Awards 2018: Arsovsa the Best Business Woman Role Model of South East Europe

The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska received the award - Best Business Woman Role Model of South East Europe during the World Business Angel Investors Forum Annual Congress 2018.

Baybars Altuntas, WBAF Chairman, says ‘’Making a name for yourself in the business world is not easy, but for a woman, it can be especially challenging. Even though women make up 50.8% of the population, 60% of students receiving undergraduate degrees, and 44% of students receiving master’s degrees in business and management, these figures are not reflected in powerful positions in management. Only 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions are held by women. In the finance, healthcare and social assistance industries, not a single CEO position is held by a woman. But there are game changers: Danela Arsovska, President of  the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, is one of them, and she is a perfect role model for women entrepreneurs. The World Business Angels Investment Forum is proud to announce Ms Danela Arsovska as the recipient of the award for the Best Business Woman Role Model of South East Europe. It is an honour to present this award to Ms Danela Arsovska, President of  the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce.’’

The Grand Award of 2018 went to the President of the Republic of Macedonia. The Grand Award is the World Business Angels Investment Forum’s highest recognition for individual achievement. Dr Gjorgje Ivanov, President of the Republic of Macedonia, has showed a unique vision for the future of young people and has set an outstanding example for all leaders in the world with the Ivanov School for Young Leaders initiative.

Other World Excellence Awards recipients included the Development Minister of Turkey, the Mayor of Porto City, the Representative of the Hungarian government, the World President of JCI, the Chairman of the Qatar Business Incubation Center, the President of TUBITAK, the President of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and the CEO of the SME Finance Forum.

The World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) is an international organisation aiming to ease access to finance for businesses from start up to scale up, with the ultimate goal of generating more jobs and more social justice worldwide. It is committed to collaborating globally to empower world economic development by creating innovative financial instruments for innovators, startups, and SMEs. The Forum interacts with leaders in all areas of society, first and foremost in business and political spheres, to help assess needs and establish goals, bearing in mind that the public interest is of paramount importance. WBAF engages a wide range of institutions, both public and private, local and international, commercial and academic to help shape the global agenda.

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From the President

 We are the leader and voice of the business community, a supporter of the economic growth of the chamber members. Together we will contribute to the economic stability of Macedonia and as partners move forward into a new decade of our success.

Arsovska Danela

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