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Court of Honor

The task of the Court of Honor is to prevent unfair competition, harmful, immoral or other behavior of undertakings which is contrary to good business practices, the basic principles of the Law of Obligations, as well as other regulations applicable to the operation of the farm. In this way we will seek to influence the competitive activities and operations.

Through its activities, the Court contributes to the development of court settlement in the Republic of Macedonia and promotion policy for consumer protection. A number of disputes before the court end up signing a settlement or withdrawal of the request of the applicant, upon prior conciliation procedure. In this way, the Court contributes to unburden the regular courts, the development of tolerance in the society and the development of economic and social relations.
In its work, the Court is independent and autonomous in decision-making, and works on the basis of the Constitution, international treaties, laws, regulations, acts of the chamber, the basic principles of obligations enshrined in Contract Law.

Jurisdiction of the Court was originally established by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber's Statute and Rules of the Court of Honor of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. Under these regulations, the Court decides to breach the rules of morality (good business practice) in the pursuit of economic activities and trade of goods and services in the Chamber, members of the Chamber for a violation of the Statute and other acts of the Association, or other activities order to harm members or third parties.

The most common violations of good business practices that are applying to the court:

     sale of products or services of poor quality, under the guise of good quality
     deliberately vague or incomplete signing of the contract in the trade of goods and services
     false advertising to the detriment of other companies or consumers
     conscious act that other can cause damage
     or fail to down image of other businessmen

Court will adhere to European principles (principles of independence and impartiality, transparency, efficiency and legitimacy) and will be adjusted in its work on any change occurred in the marketplace.

From the President

 We are the leader and voice of the business community, a supporter of the economic growth of the chamber members. Together we will contribute to the economic stability of Macedonia and as partners move forward into a new decade of our success.

Arsovska Danela

International Network




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