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Honourable Members,
We would like to inform You that the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) cooperates with a number of national, regional and international institutions in order to expand the business services we provide to our members, and are aimed at developing and promoting your company, selling your products and services to foreign markets, as well as assistance and support to member companies.
In this regard, we inform You that the MCC began to exercise continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Economy for inclusion in the Regional Network of Commerce CEFTA and exploiting the advantages of CEFTA Agreement in Macedonia.
Besides the possibility of your involvement in a number of events and other regional CEFTA activities to inform and can report what was facing administrative, technical and other barriers within your business, and in the countries of CEFTA 2006 are: Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Kosovo and Macedonia. In fact, you are able to aforementioned report and will be followed and registered in the CEFTA Secretariat through the Ministry of Economy, in order to find an appropriate solution.
MCC will continuously strive to CEFTA partners for strengthening regional cooperation through efforts to liberalize the conditions for doing business in the region in order to increase competitiveness and promoting our members, and increased sales of products and services of Macedonian companies CEFTA countries. 

Please note that registration for the barriers that you face as well as any additional information concerning the implementation of the CEFTA agreement, you can contact us on tel: 02 3091 440, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., contact person: Maja Saveska.

The newest and actual information about CEFTA, can be found at the following link.

From the President

 We are the leader and voice of the business community, a supporter of the economic growth of the chamber members. Together we will contribute to the economic stability of Macedonia and as partners move forward into a new decade of our success.

Arsovska Danela

International Network




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